Harold Martin School invites all incoming Kindergarten students to a screening on May 24 and May 25, 2022.  The screening is not designed to determine eligibility for Kindergarten, but rather help us evenly distribute students within classroom communities.

Sign up for screenings is through Sign-Up Genius - link is here. Registration forms must be completed prior to Screening. You can find the forms on our website or click here. Parents will enter the building (look for signage) through Door #1 where you will be greeted by the Kindergarten staff.

Please be aware during our dismissal hours (2:00-3:00pm) parking can be challenging. If you cannot find parking in our lot, parking is available on Main St.

Any questions you may have please contact Jean Eaton, Office Manager at HMS at or 746-3473.

Draft Strategic Plan

We are pleased to share with you a draft of the Five-Year Strategic Plan for the Hopkinton School District that was presented to the school board at their May 3 meeting. As you may know, feedback earlier this year from community, staff, and student surveys played a large role in the development of this important document. We invite you to review this draft and share any feedback you may have via email at by May 20, 2022.


The HSD Strategic Planning Steering Community

PickUp Patrol

Our school uses PickUp Patrol to track dismissals. It helps ensure that our students are safely dismissed to their correct after-school destinations.

You will receive a registration email from PickUp Patrol with a link to set up your account.

What PickUp Patrol Looks Like: Parent POV

Your child is assigned a dismissal plan at the start of the year. This is the plan they will regularly follow on normal days. We call this the Default Plan.

Whenever you have a change to the Default Plan, you’ll submit a change through the PUP app. When the plan is submitted, the school will be notified and your child’s teacher will relay the change to them.

HMS Building Changes - August 2021

HMS has gone through three major facility stages in its history. The initial building was built in 1958 when it was first named Harold M. Martin Elementary School, and then there have been two additions and renovations, 1988 and this year, 2021. Thanks to the generosity of our community, HMS is enjoying the most significant facility improvements in our history. Here is a list of the significant changes:

  • Four new classrooms were built in the new addition, which currently houses the 3rd grade. This space also includes bathrooms between each pair of classrooms, a new boiler room for the expansion, and storage.
  • Grades Kindergarten, 2, and 3 are now teaching in the same area, which genuinely helps collaboration within the grade level. Grade 1 teachers are doubled up with two teachers next door on the first floor and across the hall on the second floor. Reorganizing the classrooms is a significant improvement.
  • All HMS grade level classrooms are now appropriate-sized classrooms, out of the 1958 wing. Each room is at least 900 square feet, the standard for classrooms.
  • HMS again has a staff room for lunch and lesson preparation.
  • Both art and music have their classrooms.
  • We now have an excellent spaced Main Office with a conference room for staff and confidential parent meetings.
  • Our counselor now has an office in the new addition, near the main office.
  • Our building security now meets standards for safety. Visitors now enter a secure vestibule that is open during the day. To enter the building, they need to be "buzzed in" by our Office Manager. If an item needs to be dropped off, a drop-off bin opens up to the visitor. The visitor can also speak through an intercom to the office if necessary.
  • We fashioned an Information Technology room from a supply area which will allow one of our IT professionals to set up "shop" at HMS.
  • General supplies will move from a room in the library to The Principal's old office. This modification will free up instructional space for children in the library
  • One of the most significant changes in the renovation of the former main office that is now becoming the new nurse's office that finally meets code and expectations.
  • Our school psychologist and special education secretary no longer have to share a small office on the basement floor and will now be in the former nurse's office.
  • Our special education and reading staff will now have more private space to work with students.
  • Our Occupational Therapist and the entire staff now have access to a sensory room, a repurposing of space.
  • All of the hallways and nearly all of the rooms have new flooring.
  • One of our major stairways received all new stair tread.
  • Our 1988 intercom system has been updated and can be utilized by any phone in the building.
  • Our Fire Alarm system is now state of the art.
  • Our Main Entrance is now a more pronounced and evident space. It was often hard for visitors to determine the location of the main entrance.
  • Thanks to some reworking of the design of the parking lot, we have nearly 20 new parking spaces.
  • Ventilation was improved in the 1988 wing, and of course, we have new ventilation in the 2021 wing.
  • The 1958 wing bathrooms have been completely renovated to meet code.
  • The entire playground now has fencing around its perimeter.
  • The entire building is now sprinkled for the first time.